My Own Memories

Whenever someone finds out that I am a funeral director, the conversation usually ends. They make one of the jokes that funeral directors hear every other day, or they stare at me and wait for me to change the subject. Occasionally, someone will be interested and ask questions about the job, and most often the question is something along the lines of, “How do you like it?” I tell them about my desire to be in the ministry and how my path led me to this vocation. That usually satisfies their curiosity and no more questions are asked. No one ever goes further.

If you asked a funeral director some further questions, you might get some interesting answers. For me, one of the things that is neat about this job is that I get to go to a lot of funerals. In each one, I get to hear about a person I never met, but they always remind me of people I did know. We recently buried a woman whose grandkids were my age and a little older. So I got to hear their stories about the Friday nights they used to spend at her house. They would watch T.G.I.F. and play games with her.  Their stories reminded me of my own grandmothers and the memories that I had with them.

It is much like a wedding. Each time you attend a wedding, you think back to the day you said your vows; as you witness them being said by the bride and groom, they are renewed in your own mind. Funerals can be the same thing. They can bring back my own memories, and cause in me a renewed love and appreciation for those that I have lost.

I am curious if you have ever felt this way at a funeral. Or what memories of loved ones do you have that might remind others of their own family and friends?



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