Book Review: Sing!

hero-sing-cover.pngAnother book came in the mail, this one is unlike any other book on my shelf. First, it is a book from first-time authors, Keith and Kristyn Getty. Secondly, it addresses a topic that no other book in my library does, the personal singing of God’s people. Sing! is a small hardback book intended to foster discussion and life change in local churches. The Gettys are making a case for families and churches to sing good songs every day.

The book is split into two different sections. In the first section, the Gettys outline the theological underpinnings for singing in the Christian’s life. Then in the second section, they offer some very practical ways that we can incorporate the singing of good songs into our life. These two sections are separated by a transitional statement that serves a general thesis for the book:

We sing because we’re created to, commanded to, and compelled to. And when we sing great truths, great things happen. Christ-filled, Spirit-prompted singing moves out in concentric circles changing your own heart and mind…changing your family…changing your church…and changing this world.

If you look closely at that statement, you can see how the seven chapters of the book are broken down. There is an additional section of the book, called “bonus tracks” that are written specifically for those in church leadership and have an impact on how the local church worships. Aside from this, the Gettys suggest that the book be read in a group setting. The publishers are helping by selling the book in bulk for churches to go through together.

I found the book useful without the group dynamic, but I did find myself wanting to share it with others. I am grateful for this book and the Getty’s work to bring good hymns back into the church’s culture. We have great hymns from centuries gone by, and I am thankful to God that he is continuing to gift His church with new writers who are helping us all worship Him deeply.

Disclaimers: I was given a copy of this book by the publishers as part of their blog-review program, but I was not required to leave a positive review. I have created a link to’s listing for this book, if you purchase the book through that link, I may receive a small kickback for the referral. 




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