Book Review: “She Reads Truth” CSB Study Bible

What would happen if you took a hip new Bible translation and married it to a trendy Bible study app for women, and then sprinkled Pinterest all over it? The new She Reads Truth CSB Study Bible would materialize before, primed and ready to go for all your devotional Instagram posts. Don’t believe me? Just check out this promo video.

I had originally purchased a leather-bound copy of this Bible for my wife when it was released last year. She had been following along with the She Reads Truth Bible Study program and had benefited from it. However, she was pleased with the Bible she was using, no one else was using the CSB, and it was too big to carry around in the diaper bag. So we returned it and didn’t think twice about it. Then, two months ago a new hardcover version of the Bible arrived via the friendly UPS guy and it is getting used frequently.

All the frilly maps and word art aside, one of the things that I appreciate about this publication is the way it is Word-centric. I have heard others say that one of the downsides to a study Bible is the way that man’s words are put on the same page right alongside God’s words. This frustration was compounded for me when I was trying to explain the difference between the two in a kid’s study Bible that we have. The notes were accented with pictures and more appealing fonts, causing your eyes to be drawn to them.

The She Reads Truth Bible is not like this. The notes, maps, and articles are all on their own pages, making it much easier to read God’s word itself, without the distraction of something else being inserted. I have discussed the CSB version itself here, so I will simply reiterate that the version itself is easy to read and understandable. I think that more churches in the next five years will be making the transition to it…but time will tell.

So, in the end….I recommend the Bible to you. I think it is great Bible to use at home as you are reading and studying on your own as a family. However, until more churches start using the CSB in the pulpit and small groups, you may need to keep taking your ESV or NIV to church.

Disclaimers: I was given a copy of this book by the publishers as part of their blog-review program, but I was not required to leave a positive review. I have created a link to’s listing for this book, if you purchase the book through that link, I may receive a small kickback for the referral. 

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