Happy Thanksgiving!

A few days ago,  I shared a few reasons that Christians have to be thankful. Our gratitude does not need to be based on circumstances, it can and should be deeply rooted in Jesus. The truth is, this has been a lesson I needed to learn.

Last year, 2016, was not a good year for me. I call it my “Year of Resignation.” There were so many aspects of my life that seemed to simply get worse throughout the year. So much so, when I was asked at the Thanksgiving table what I was thankful for, I had no answer other than I was grateful that the year was almost over. The build-up of discouragement in my life had brought my soul to the point of utter apathy. That apathy made me ungrateful, and that was wrong.

My frustration with my “Year of Resignation” was ultimately my anger and disappointment with what I perceived to be unfair treatment by God. The truth is, “resignation” is just a less blunt way of saying “submission.” I had to repent of my resistance and unwilling acquiescence to God and joyfully submit to what He was giving to me. That was hard; 2016 was my stubborn heart’s final push against a stronger force, and it made me miserable.

In reality, not much has changed in 2017, save my perspective. By God’s grace, I have been able to see the wisdom, patience, and benevolence of God in the last few years. Much of what was true in 2016 is still true today, but I am grateful for where I am. So if the question comes around to me again, I think I will have a better answer this time around.

May God be praised!


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