December 6th: Jesus is the Betrayed Friend

Psalm 41:7-9

All who hate me whisper together about me;
they plan to harm me.
“Something awful has overwhelmed him,
and he won’t rise again from where he lies! ”
Even my friend in whom I trusted,
one who ate my bread,
has raised his heel against me.

We have all experienced the pain of betrayal. The soul-piercing agony of the proverbial knife coming in from behind. As we turn around, we expect to see our enemy, wondering how we had been flanked; only to find our closest friend, someone we trusted. It is in this moment that we feel all alone. If we could be hurt in this way by someone we trusted, how can we trust again? Who can we turn to?

This is the very verse that Jesus used in John 13:18 to describe what Judas did to Him. We are not alone. In fact, we have the greatest company in these moments of betrayal. The Messiah was betrayed too. Jesus was betrayed by his Judas just couple hours after He washed humbly served him by washing his feet and shared a meal with Him.

You have a sympathetic Savior. He endured rejection and betrayal on behalf of His people. His betrayal wasn’t a mere “stab in the back” like ours; rather His betrayal led to the literal piercing of His side, hands, and feet. Through His rejection, we are accepted.

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