Backlog of Bible Reviews

Over the last few months, I have received a few more CSB Bibles for review; unfortunately, I am only now getting to them. Each of these were provided to me by the publisher in exchange for my review.

CSB Apologetics Study Bible

A few years ago, Holman published the Apologetics Study Bible in its HCSB version. This Bible is that same publication. Except now it is published in the new CSB version and contains some updated resources. I have been railing in these study bibles from Holman for a few months now. They all seem to be cluttered, poorly designed, and far too niche oriented. The Apologetics Study Bible isn’t too far off that path…though the interior design is a bit more to my liking. I prefer the muted gray and black theme throughout much more than the strange green design found in the Spurgeon and Disciple’s Study Bibles that I have review previously. That being said, I still don’t care for this publication overall.

It still hits too hard on the niche factor. Do I need to have a Bible that tells me how to argue with critics without helping me make practical application. Now I realize that it isn’t necessarily and either/or, but I am not sure that a study Bible needs to have that particular bent. I think I am increasingly convinced that a Bible that focuses on a readable typeset and design with occasional text helps is the better way to go. That is my two-cents worth.ApologeticsStudyBible_Hardcover_WithJacket@2x

CSB Notetaker’s Bible

The old “Wide-Margin” Bible has gone the way of the Dodo bird it seems. We were in our local Christian book store this week and they had an entire section devoted to Bible journaling supplies. It felt like I had wandered into a Hobby Lobby. They had special pen, markers, glitter, glue, rulers, highlighters, etc. Now I personally use one of these Bibles, in fact I have two of them, one ESV and one NLT. I find them very useful for study. I use the margin for textual observations, questions, and applications. But I have never sought to draw in my Bible with WordArt. I don’t judge you if you do, have fun. In fact, I really like this Bible. It is really pretty and will look nice with your different colored pens.

CSB Kids Bible

This is the Bible we were looking for. Much like my beef with study Bibles, I have a frustration with the bulk of kid’s Bibles that are being published these days. They are usually on one or two sides of the a spectrum, they are either a paraphrased story Bible that contains no Scripture, or they are a highly cluttered and “multi-fonted” study Bible that contains more notes than Scripture. This Bible is neither.

It has a large enough font for a young reader to read without losing their spot as they follow along with their fingers, they pages only contain God’s word, and the binding is a cushioned hard cover that should survive being dropped a few times. But I love the fact that the few helps in does have, are set apart on their own pages and are printed on a different color and style paper. This has made it much easier to teach our children about God’s word. I don’t have to show them a confusing page with multiple “features” on it. For a new reader who is still learning and mastering the whole “from left to right, and top to bottom” concept of English reading, this Bible having two columns is as difficult as it gets.

It comes in a few different cover designs, but we are currently using the basic red hardcover in our family devotions, and it is working quite well.


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