Overnight Parking

Back in the 1960’s, the City of Rittman adopted a bunch of parking regulations. Many of them have remained in enforcement over the years. Laws that prohibit where certain vehicles can be parked or not parked have been maintained, to the frustration of many. One of those laws is section 351.15 in the City Code:

No person shall park a vehicle upon any street or alley between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. except where there is no driveway available.
(Ord. 4402.  Passed 4-23-62.)
For 19 hours of the day, we allow cars to park on the street…but for an arbitrary 5 hours during the night, we forbid. I am curious what your thoughts are about eliminating this regulation. Please comment below to share your thoughts.


  1. If the city ran the street sweeper at the restricted time, I can understand, but outside last week, I have yet to see the sweeper in action, I bet if this went to a vote, a lot of residents would vote to kill this regulation…


    1. Thank you, Scott. If this were overturned, it would have to be don in conjunction with some kind of temporary ban that would allow for cleaning and plow trucks to do their work.


  2. Most towns have an ordinance about overnight parking and no yard parking . These are not unique to Rittman. As frustrating as they may be to some people I’m in favor of keeping them just the way they are . A lot of streets in Rittman simply aren’t set up to easily pass parked cars. And everyone is in favor of getting rid of such laws until their neighbor decides to buy five cars and park them all along the street, taking up their street parking clogging up the street in general. Same goes for yard parking. It’s all fun and games until your neighbor decides to take advantage of it. No thanks. I’m in favor of bringing this town up in class and not down where everyone seems to want it. In the town I grew up and if we wanted to have a party and have people parked on the street overnight all we had to do is call the police station and tell them of our situation and they would be fine with it. I’m in favor of things like that like temporary 24 hour permits for yard and overnight street parking in cases of things like parties but not full time. I’m sorry no one needs to be parking cars in their yard full-time. I’m sorry if you purchased a home with no driveway or garage but you knew that when you bought the place.


  3. I think that it’s good for in the winter so that snow plows can get through and clean the streets easier. But, don’t see the need for it the rest of the year. Also, just a thought but when these laws were put on the books, I think that most families only had one vehicle to a home. Unlike, today where most families have a car for each driving family member. So therefore they don’t have enough parking places, unless they use the street or their own yard. 😊


  4. I think a reasonable solution would be to set a dates throughout the year when the street sweeper would run. However, the only time I’ve ever seen a street sweeper in this city has been during the day. I thought the ordinance was for snow plows to get through, which made more sense to me. I’ve lived in numerous small towns and one large city throughout my life, and this is the only place that’s had an overnight parking ordinance. When we first moved here, we had to get a permit so that my husband could park his vehicle on the street. We’ve since moved to a new home, so this is no longer an issue. However, I personally know several families who struggle with the ordinance because there are multiple drivers in the home, and they are unable to park in the yard. Thus, they have to find a willing neighbor to let them park their vehicle overnight or risk getting a ticket. I really do not believe that eliminating this ordinance will adversely affect the city in anyway, as people park their cars along the street all day long anyway.


  5. I think parking on the main streets and the busiest streets such as Metzger, Ohio and sunset shall be allowed at any time. These streets are too busy to have cars parked on the side of the street. If you have company make arrangements for parking on side streets, less busier streets and definitely not be allowed to park directly across from a driveway! It makes it very difficult to back out of your driveway with car sitting across from it and traffic having to go around the park cars before you can get out!


  6. I don’t think the night parking restriction is arbitrary. This has come up several times over the years. The explanation that’s always been given is that it’s an alternative to snow bans.

    Rather than require people to monitor the weather and park accordingly a time based restriction was passed for consistency. Far too many would park on the street without checking the weather and then plows would have trouble clearing streets after nighttime snowfall.

    A snow ban would result in more tickets too. A year round restriction is the simplest way to address the issue. If you can’t park overnight at any time you’ll always know what to do.

    I personally think it has safety benefits too. It’s much easier to spot a suspicious vehicle in a neighborhood if it’s the only one parked on the street. So it’s something that makes it harder for criminals to hide.

    As far as other mentions about parking in your yard I think there are very valid reasons to update those laws. I see some value in restrictions, but there needs to be more leeway.

    Temporary yard parking (a day or two) should never be an issue. Adding additional driveway space (within reason) should be allowed. Turning your yard into a parking lot obviously shouldn’t be allowed, but most people simply need a little more space. It would take careful planning, but common sense updates could make the laws far more practical.


  7. I’m glad we are concerned about parking so much. How about prioritizing issues, like business growth, Carastar Development, Cleaning up downtown, drugs, holding department heads accountable.
    Asking for a friend


    1. Thank you, Randy. Raising a question on one issue shouldn’t be taken as indication of a lack of concern for others.


  8. Coming from a guy who lives in a house with 4 drivers and a driveway that only fits two cars, it is frustrating that we cant park on the street or our yard. Last time I checked, it’s my property so I can park in it wherever I should want. I understand the winter we shouldn’t park on the street, but the other times of the year are pointless.


  9. I think that in the case of snow removal an announcement could be made to park elsewhere, but otherwise parking on the streets overnight would make things easier for a lot of people.


  10. Leave the ordinance in place. Most towns have these bans for a reason, to prevent the street from being permanent parking. I’m sure nobody minds a car here or there, but nobody would want their entire side street full, making it a pain to navigate. If there’s no ban, nothing will prevent someone from obtaining 10 cars and using the street to park them. It won’t happen on most streets, but it’s almost certain to happen somewhere, then they’ll be no ordinance to use to resolve the problem. Someone will always take advantage.

    If you want a bunch of cars, you need to have the proper room to park them and not rely on public streets to store your private vehicles. Same with the yard parking, it all sounds good until your neighbor parks six junk cars in their yard and makes your neighborhood look like a junkyard. Almost every town around us has the same bans, there’s a reason.


  11. The no parking on the streets is fine how it is. I have never understood the no parking in a yard, it’s just ridiculous. If the city wants to start paying some of my property taxes etc. Then ok, but until then why should they be able to tell anyone if they can or cannot park on there own lawn. If it’s a broken down vehicle or Shell of a car, that’s totally different


  12. We need street lights on Lincoln it is really dark and to much going on here and cars and trucks park on the street’s all the time


  13. I am okay for keeping the parking ordinance in effect. I feel like it could cause congestion in the streets in certain areas. However I would support losing the parking ordinance on our private property. Obviously have certain stipulations that it can’t create a junk yard of sorts but for those families that don’t have the driveway space for multiple driving vehicles it puts them in a hard spot.


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