I want to first thank the voters of Rittman for entrusting me to represent them for the 2017-2021 term of the City Council. I am humbled by this opportunity. For many, Rittman is one of those towns that people can’t wait to leave. I felt this way too, taking my chance to get out of town for a few years while in college, but Rittman is worth coming back to. I see my time spent on city council as an effort to keep it that way, and hopefully make it even more so.

That being said, Rittman is more than the body that governs it, it is the people that make it a great place to live. We represent you, and our success – Rittman’s success even – depends on your involvement. Your involvement in the life of our community will be what ultimately makes Rittman a great place to live. That is why I am inviting you to offer your input and opinions to me over the next four years. I have added this page that I intend to maintain with updates and discussions about the current issues before the city. Additionally, the Facebook page that I launched during my campaign will be maintained if you want to contact me there.

Thank you for trusting us to serve you and I promise that I will strive to do so in a manner worthy of your continued trust.


Philip Decker


UPDATE #2: Rittman Dispatch Decision

UPDATE #1: First Few Months In Office